For most Americans, however, boxing makes no sense. The sport
that once defined the nation now seems hopelessly archaic, like
jousting or pistols at six paces. The uninitiated, the
cultivated, the educated don’t accept that boxing has existed
since pre-Hellenic Greece, and possibly since the time of the
pharaohs, because it concedes one musky truth about masculinity:
Hitting a man is sometimes the most satisfying response to being
a man. Disturbing, maybe, but there it is.

Just the sight of two fighters belting each other around the ring
triggers a soothing response, a womb-like reassurance that
everything is less complicated than we’ve been led to
believe. From brutality, clarity. As with the first taste of cold
beer on a warm day, the first kiss of love in the dark, the first
meaningful victory over an evenly matched foe, the brain’s
simplest part is appeased. Colors become brighter, shapes grow
deeper, the world slides into smoother focus.

J.R. Moehringer, Resurrecting The Champ, LA Times, May 04, 1997.


Most of my stuff was bought at Sugar Rays'. Shipping to Denmark is expensive, but prices are good and it is a real shop that supports athletes.

My boots are from:

For Winning gear, check info here to order directly from Japan:


When I started boxing we were using 12oz Top Ten gloves.

I now have two pairs (14oz) of LONSDALE PRO SAFE SPAR TRAINING GLOVE and I use them for all my training (sparring, bag, and pad work). They are soft well padded gloves and provides good space for large hands.


I have used versions of the Everlast Professional Traditional Headguard for 10+ years.

This is my second Everlast headguard, the first lasted some five years before it started to fall apart and kept two more years with the help of duct tape.

Update: it is not made anymore. I think my next headgear will be Winning fg-2900.


I have used the Adidas HVC and Mat wizard.3 wrestling shoes for boxing. The HVC is really light and the sole slides and rotates really good, but it is very narrow. The version I have is a combination of laces and a strap, I would prefer laces only. The Wizard is wider, but also more bulky. It has a lot more grip, but rotates OK. It is also laces only. I have changed to the Wizard, but would prefer the HVC if the fit worked better for me (and were laces only).


I use the Power gel ultra mouthguard (

I have tried a few very cheap mouthguards and also OPRO and I really prefer Shock Doctor.


Lonsdale Super Pro Curved Hook & Jab Pads: Nice pads, great fits for large hands.