dbc scratch pad


# save copy of mail in sent-mail
set record = =INBOX

set sort=threads
set sort_aux=reverse-date-received

save-hook '~h prosa.dk' =/prosa
save-hook '~h bugzilla-daemon' =/bugzilla
save-hook .* =/INBOX

# sendmail
set sendmail="/usr/bin/esmtp -v -X /tmp/esmtp.log"
set use_envelope_from=yes

set editor="muttedit.sh"


requote.pl $1
exec emacs -nw -q -l ~/.semacs $1

Til martin, skal i /etc/hosts:

# DBC:    teori.dbc.dk teori     kelut.dbc.dk kelut    bortas.dbc.dk bortas    princip.dbc.dk princip next.bob.dbc.dk    titan.dbc.dk titan    plan.dbc.dk plan bugs bugs.dbc.dk labs.dbc.dk labs cvs.dbc.dk cvs docs docs.dbc.dk bonsai.cvs.dbc.dk wiki wiki.dbc.dk svn svn.dbc.dk     nora nora.dbc.dk     leda.dbc.dk leda     toba.dbc.dk toba    munin.dbc.dk munin    koncept.dbc.dk koncept    merapi.dbc.dk merapi     pacha pacha.dbc.dk    lakito lakito.dbc.dk    lakitre lakitre.dbc.dk
# gammel intranet:
#     dumbo.dbc.dk dumbo intranet.dbc.dk intranet
#        harvester.dbc.dk debian.dbc.dk     bazman debian.dbc.dk debian    desdamona.dbc.dk desdamona    vision vision.dbc.dk    ide ide.dbc.dk    plan plan.dbc.dk


# det er denne config der bruges

IPSec gateway conce.dbc.dk
IPSec ID Linux
IPSec secret XXXXX
Xauth username cbo
UDP Encapsulate
#UDP Encapsulation Port 12750
UDP Encapsulation Port  10632
Target networks\
Xauth interactive

#Target networks

# ========

# Varios options not undestood by vpnc itself but by some other scripts
# Target networks
# If Target networks is defined here, the default route is not replaced!

# Don't update resolv.conf though resolvconf is installed
DNSUpdate no