Scrum in six bullets

Scrum is just a process tool:

The goal is to work on the right parts of the product and give the programmers more time to code (rather than meet, talk, report).

The Nokia Test

Are you doing iterative development?

Are you doing scrum?

Source: Jeff Sutherland

A few thoughts on scrum


[...] they are trying to use Scrum to deliver the same releases that they
would have in waterfall -- only faster. They mistakenly
think that Scrum will let them build EVERYTHING faster --
not just the high-value stuff, but the low-value stuff as well. And
they think that Scrum is also a license to make changes without
consequences. This is not how Scrum works.

Source: Ken Schwaber,

Scrum Master

The primary function is to maintain a healthy team with high productivity:

* The good: Team member and Scrum Master
* The bad: Scrum Master and Product Owner
* The ugly: Scrum Master, Product Owner and Team Member

Source: Mitch Lacey, Mixing Roles in Scrum. 2008.

The best ScrumMasters are real team players, who receive as much
satisfaction from facilitating others’ success as their own. They must
also be comfortable surrendering control to the Product Owner and
team. For those two reasons, traditional project managers don’t
usually make great ScrumMasters.


Overviews etc.




Scrum and XP from the Trenches

Scrum from a practical perspective, their implementation is pretty heavy on form, but still an interesting read.