Rancilio Rocky Review

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I had to do the teflon-tape-mod before I could get the Rocky to grind fine enough for espresso and it seems that many owners are having this problem with the mounting plates not in alignment.

I have not had problems with adjusting the grind, but I guess it might be difficult for small hands, as you have to use one hand to push down the release and turn the hopper and another hand to both catch the grinds and hold down the grind button.

I use a small vacuum each morning to remove stale grinds, it seems to work well.

(it beat the robur for 13-14g doubles)

Construction: some sharp edges, finish is lacking, rubber feet will easily come off.

Buying Experience

No problems. Would use again.

Bottom Line

Rocky is a solid grinder that will probably grind away in many years, but the quality of the grinded coffee might not be good enough for great espresso.