Oddmuse Creole test

From http://search.cpan.org/src/JBURNETT/Text-WikiCreole-0.01/t/inline.markup linked from http://www.wikicreole.org/wiki/TextWikiCreole

bold at at start of file

bold, italics, __underline__, ^^superscript^^, __subscript__, and ##monospace## all work the same way.

italics at start of paragraph

a paragraph with

  1. # monospace in the middle ## with more after

__ underline with no closing markup

    1. ## monospace with bold as first subitem in numbered list ##

heading ** with bold **, which is redundant but possible

heading // with italics // is not redundant

here's a table with italics in it
second row ^^ squared ^^etcetera

here's a [[link?| link //** with bold italics **// in it ]]. here's some __ bold inside italics and underlined __. here's what happens when you don't mix bold and italics properly. don't try it in __ inline nowiki __ , but feel free to put it

  1. # inside monospace ##.
no point in trying to put ^^ superscript ^^ inside nowiki blocks either

; how 'bout __ Underlined bold __ in a definition list? : not to mention, the actual italicized definition

: should also be able to put bold ^^ and superscript ^^ in an indented paragraph