Javier Marías

All Souls (1992)

A Heart So White (1995)

"A HEART SO WHITE (published in 1992) is similar to "Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me" (1994), and like that novel and "The Dark Back of Time" (1998) it is highly seductive and very much a novel of ideas. But those ideas are not quite as well-considered or on the mark as in the two later works, and the style not quite as mature and accomplished. The intellectual discussion tends a tad more towards cleverness than profundity, and the observations of human life tend more to concern its everyday conduct than its essence. Nonetheless, A HEART SO WHITE is a highly recommended installment in Marias's ongoing exploration of the secrets and meaning of life and the human obsession with knowing in the face of the impossibility of truly knowing."

Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me (1996)

"A unique and haunting novel -- its words and ideas have stayed with me for months after completing it. Its thoughts have stimulated many philosophical discussions. It uses fiction to elaborate the questions of personal and subjective time, and the meaning of the intersubjective space. I regret I can read it only in translation. Nonetheless, the author's voice is unique and inquiring, and I can only imagine the recognition he will get in the future."

When I Was Mortal (1999)

Dark Back of Time (translated by Esther Allen, 2001)

The Man of Feeling (2003)

Your Face Tomorrow 1: Fever and Spear (2004)

Voyage Along the Horizon (2006)

Written Lives (2006)

Your Face Tomorrow 2: Dance and Dream (2006)

Your Face Tomorrow 3: Poison, Shadow and Farewell (2009)

Bad Nature, or With Elvis in Mexico (2010)

While the Women Are Sleeping (2010)

Short stories written throughout Marías’ writing life.