Espresso Grinder Specs

Spec Burrs RPM Effect Height Depth Width Weight Price
Rocky 50mm 1725140W 356mm 256mm 128mm 8.2Kg 2400kr.
Mignon 50mm ??250W??325mm 170mm 110mm 4.8Kg 2500kr.
Vario 54mm ????368mm 184mm 114mm 4.5Kg?2400kr.??
K3 touch 58mm 1300250w 495mm (420mm)305mm 165mm 5.5Kg 3000kr
Macap M458mm 1400250w 430mm??310mm??190mm??9Kg 2400-3300kr
Mini E (2009)64mm 1400250w 470mm 340mm 156-168mm 10.2Kg 4500-5400kr.
Super Jolly 64mm 1600350w 610/??mm 420/263mm 240/195mm 14Kg ca. 4000


Mazzer mini

It's a fact that the Mazzer Mini E burrs will fit the SJ and vice versa. The part numbers for the 64mm burrs are the following:
Mini E: 189D
SJ: 33M (normal) or 33T (Tri-phase) 


Compak k3 thread:

Eureka AKA Nuova Simonelli MCI


Anfim Super Caimano - current "best" model I've ever tested or used. This is the baseline.
Mazzer Robur - "excellent"
Mazzer Major - "excellent"
Elektra Nina - "excellent"
Macap MX Conical - "excellent / very good"
Mazzer Super Joly "very good"

Consumer models. Baseline is currently the Mazzer Mini, by a hair - that's "best"
Anfim Best - "excellent" (almost beats the Mini)
Macap M4 Stepless 'excellent"
La Cimbali Junior - "very good / excellent"
Anfim Haus - "very good"
Baratza Vario - "very good"
Rancilio Rocky Doser - "very good"
Nuova Simonelli MCF stepless - "very good"
Gaggia MDF - "good"
Baratza Virtuoso - "good"
KitchenAid Proline - 'good"
Baratza Maestro / Maestro Plus - "acceptable / good"