Here's a tip (?) for detergent cleaning of E61 groupheads. The
normal procedure is to put about 1/2 teaspoon of your chosen
favorite (Joe-Glo, Cafiza, etc.) into a blind filter basket and
run several backflush routines. The exact instructions and
recommended frequency are on each container.

One of the drawbacks to this procedure is the removal of coffee
oils from the surfaces of the cam and pins which control the brew
and preinfusion/exhaust process. You should notice a little
squeaky-squeaky noise with movement of the brew lever until the
appropriate surfaces get recoated with coffee oils. Excessive
detergent cleaning will lead to premature wear of both the cam
profile and pin surfaces - about a $50 fix.

A way to avoid this is to perform the backflush routine as usual
but instead of moving the lever to the exhaust position, simply
shut the machine off with the main power switch and with the
lever remaining in the brew position. Let the machine rest and
parts soak for 15-20 minutes and then turn the main power switch
on again for 5-10 seconds and then off again for another soak
period. Follow all this with a lengthy flush of the grouphead.



Vibiemme with hex mounted flange: http://www.home-barista.com/espresso-machines/help-no-water-from-grouphead-of-vibiemme-domobar-super-t14850.html#p178003


In Denmark it's easy to get the silicone based "Glidex armaturfedt" in stores carrying VVS items.


Checking the mushroom for scale: http://www.home-barista.com/espresso-machines/checking-e61-espresso-machine-for-scale-t6704.html