Mostly abount Doom on Debian

Conclusion: zdoom is what I use for now.

Buy Doom

The game in "The ultimate doom" edition is available from for $5.99.

Extract with "innoextract" (apt-get install innoextract):

innoextract setup_the_ultimate_doom_2.0.0.3.exe

WAD naming

It seems some of the engines requires special naming og wads:

Chocolate Doom

"Chocolate Doom's main features are its accurate reproduction of the game as it was played in the 1990s." This includes high resolution with 320x200ish graphics.

apt install chocolate-doom

Setup including controls and resolution with:


Run in window with:

chocolate-doom -window -iwad doom.wad

Press esc in game to get mouse and window manager controls back

For multiplayer, start server (and one of the players) with:

chocolate-doom -window -iwad doom.wad -server -privateserver

And join with:

chocolate-doom -window -iwad doom1.wad -connect IP-ADDRESS-OF-SERVER

Without the -window, it uses fullscreen.

Doomsday Engine

apt-get install doomsday

"Never survives more than 20 minutes after installation. I will check this out in a year or so. John Romero uses this, seems he enjoys the superfiltered vaseline look. To me it makes Doom look like some game with shit graphics from 2000, only the lighting looks kinda good. Clusterfuck of options, I think it lacks Boom support, too."

Always run:

ctl-run 1


Note: seems great for single player, but not good for multiplayer...

"(gl)prboom-plus+: Best demo functionality, you can also convert demos to video easily. Excellent vanilla+boom support, runs super fast, I don't like the way the renderers look, the options are a clusterfuck and I hate playing with infinitely tall actors."

Install prboom (plus):

apt-get install prboom-plus

Download a wad, e.g. the original doom1.wad (I think it must be renamed to be lowercase if it's not already). Start:

prboom -file doom1.wad

Prboom is a bad server for internet play, but LAN is possible:

On the server (for skill level 1):

prboom-game-server -v -s 1 -w doom1.wad 

Then on the clients:


with the correct hostname or ip-address (check with ifconfig) of the server.

If playing on the machine with the server:

prboom -net localhost


Get here:

Doom (Strict): compatmode 2

zdoom -iwad doom.wad +set compatmode 2  

Multiplaver for N players (including the server):

+set compatmode 2 -host N 

By default, port 5029 is used.

To join:

-join IP

Save games is possible for multiplayer (save will save on all machines when one creates a savegame). To load use (for all players):

-loadgame SAVEGAME

Other ports


Zandronum: This is a sourceport with a focus on multiplayer. An earlier version had some kind of admin backdoor, this seems to have put this port in bad standing.