Digital Scale

Update 2018-05-19: it died after almost 10 years of use and I have just ordered a replacement, looks like the same model:

I first looked at ProScale but many of their affordable scales has an auto-off after just 30 secs. Then I found this post [] about this scale []. A sub $11 digital scale (incl. shipping from HK) with these specs:

Operation Modes: g/oz/ozt/dwt/ct
Backlight: Blue backlight (with auto-off)
Capacity: 1000 gram
Accuracy: 0.1 gram
LCD display: 5 bit LCD display
Power: 2 X AAA batteries (sold separately)

Length: 11.1 cm
Height:1.8 cm
Width:7.5 cm
Weight: 101.4 gram