Audio under Debian Jessie

No sound for any user except the user logged into X

I had the following problem (default pulseaudio setup, spawning pulseaudio for each user):

It have worked fine earlier (maybe an upgrade changed something).

Solution 1

Quick hack:

From the user logged into X, run:

pax11publish -e

Verify that other users can see the exported values:

xprop -root | grep ^PULSE_ 

You should get:


This did not work on all occasions :(

Solution 2: run pulseaudio systemwide

Not a great solution, but it works.

Add users to pulse-access group:

adduser cbo pulse-access

Reboot/relogin relevant users

Start pulseaudio systemwide (as root):

pulseaudio --system

To daemonize use -D:

pulseaudio --system -D

You will probably need to but this in some system setup file.